I would like to indicate the excellent monograph of RIVA MILLER about GENETIC COUSELLING, written for the WFH.toh-25_english_genetic_counselling ! click and read it enjoying a intelligent and clear text.

X like X chromosome:

“X is the sex chromosome found twice in normal females = XX and once, along with a Y chromosome, in normal males = XY.”

The X chromosome carries hundreds of genes (informations about how you are going to be). Few, if any, of them have anything to do with sex.

The inheritance of genes on the X follows special rules because males have only a single X chromosome, and genes on the X are expressed in males.

Genes inherited in this manner are said to be sex-linked or, more precisely, X-linked. An example is Hemophilia A and hemophilia B.

A boy with hemophilia is Xh Y (the h is the hemophilia gene) and the carrier of hemophilia which is a woman will be XhX.

Sometimes both X in a woman can have the gene of hemophilia…this is very rare and is due to A MUTATION in the other X chromosome or in both. We have cases as I wrote in an old post, of women with hemophilia.

X chromosome

X COMO CROMOSSOMO X : “cromo = cor e somo/a= corpo…..O X é o cromossomo sexual que se encontra duas vezes no caso da mulher (XX) e uma vez só, junto ao Y no caso de um homen (XY).

Estes cromossomos carregan informações sobre muitas características suas…como se vai ou não ficar careca ou se vai ter algumas disfunções como por exemplo a Hemofilia A e a Hemofilia B.

São características ligadas ao X.

Uma mulher portadora da hemofilia terá a hemofilia ligada à um dos X (exemplo XhX onde o h é a hemofilia).

Um homem que tem hemofilia será XhY. No caso do homem a hemofilia se expressa porque o X é que está sozinho!

Algumas mulheres (muito muito raro!) são consideradas hemofílicas porque além de ser portadora , o outro X delas sofre uma mutação genética e não funciona direito em relação a produção do fator da coagulação 8 ou 9.

Lembrem que: quem tem hemofilia nasce com a informação (gen da hemofilia) que o fígado não poderá produzir fator 8 ou 9 o suficiente ou produz o fator mas ele não funciona! fazendo que a coagulação seja muito muito lenta

About frederica cassis

My name is Frederica Dillen CASSIS, born of a Belgium mother and an Egyptian father, on the 3rd of January 1966 in Brussels, Belgium. I´ve travelled a lot, lived in many countries. Brazil is my seventh country and i live in Sao Paulo for 19 years now. Graduated in Clinical Psychology in 1991, I specialized in Junguian Psychology and in Hemophilia since then. LATEST PROJECTS: 1) Launching IN-HEMOACTION flash cards, where I added new topics like Inhibitors and their different treatments, physiotherapy and a some playful activities like video games! 2) HERO (Hemophilia Experiences Results and Opportunities) sponsored by Novo Nordisk since 2009, exploring through qualitative and quantitative analysis the psychosocial issues involving People with hemophilia, their carers and the health professionals in the treatment process. check this project in my blog www.blood4.wordpress.com Now, HERO is in Brazil! soon the results will be available. 2) P-TET (Pediatric Thrombosis Educational Tool) flash cards in evolution stage, for kids on anti-coagulant treatment...inspired on IN-HEMOACTION flashcards success. 3) I am a co-author along with psychologist Irene Fuchs and Edward Kuebler of a booklet called "Communication, love and sexuality for people with hemophilia, carriers and family" 4) an on going process of a systematic review for the Cochrane Collaboration about "psychological interventions for people with hemophilia and their families" On a more personal level i have 3 three great not anymore children :) Danaê 24, Rubi 18 and Iggy 15) and i love to jogg, dance and read. To walk and look for shells on a beach too and I discover that i love deserts...:)

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