No Pre-Congresso da WFH em Junho, Istambul, apresentei um trabalho com 2 adolescentes que tinham terrores noturnos devidos à imaginação de: imagens assustadoras antes de dormir. Fiz um trabalho grupal com os 2 e umas das técnicas usadas foi o desenhar e depois perguntar as imagens o que “queriam” deles?

Com a elaboração, o mêdo foi passando porque as imagens que assustavam fizeram “parte” deles…eram mais humanizadas, portanto mais compreensíveis.

Aqui vou mostrar um ser gigante, muito vermelho e quente  do meus sonhos. o chamei de “Demônio de Vermelho”. E, no próprio sonho conversei com ele. 🙂 Nem sempre se sonha com aneis, rubis e peixinhos vermelhos!!!

In Istanbul last Pre-Congress, I talked about 2 adolescents that were suffering from their own imagination’s products: at night, before fall to sleep (with great difficulties) , they use to see scary vaults and little red eyes staring at one of them. Drawing what scare us, help to humanize, to make them more familiar, part of our soul. Even a “REDevil”

When you use art you practice sanity.

About frederica cassis

My name is Frederica Dillen CASSIS, born of a Belgium mother and an Egyptian father, on the 3rd of January 1966 in Brussels, Belgium. I´ve travelled a lot, lived in many countries. Brazil is my seventh country and i live in Sao Paulo for 19 years now. Graduated in Clinical Psychology in 1991, I specialized in Junguian Psychology and in Hemophilia since then. LATEST PROJECTS: 1) Launching IN-HEMOACTION flash cards, where I added new topics like Inhibitors and their different treatments, physiotherapy and a some playful activities like video games! 2) HERO (Hemophilia Experiences Results and Opportunities) sponsored by Novo Nordisk since 2009, exploring through qualitative and quantitative analysis the psychosocial issues involving People with hemophilia, their carers and the health professionals in the treatment process. check this project in my blog Now, HERO is in Brazil! soon the results will be available. 2) P-TET (Pediatric Thrombosis Educational Tool) flash cards in evolution stage, for kids on anti-coagulant treatment...inspired on IN-HEMOACTION flashcards success. 3) I am a co-author along with psychologist Irene Fuchs and Edward Kuebler of a booklet called "Communication, love and sexuality for people with hemophilia, carriers and family" 4) an on going process of a systematic review for the Cochrane Collaboration about "psychological interventions for people with hemophilia and their families" On a more personal level i have 3 three great not anymore children :) Danaê 24, Rubi 18 and Iggy 15) and i love to jogg, dance and read. To walk and look for shells on a beach too and I discover that i love deserts...:)

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